VCE Music Tutoring - Frequently Asked Questions


+ What skill level should I be on my instrument before undertaking VCE Music subjects?

Generally speaking, it's helpful for a student to have sat exams up to around a grade 5 level on their instrument by the time they are in year 11 for VCE Music Performance units 1 and 2. Sitting your instrumental exams before undertaking VCE will give you invaluable experience in performing in an exam environment that will be useful when your year 12 examinations come about. This is a general rule though, and every student is different. Make sure to talk to your instrumental teacher about getting ready for VCE if you're not sure. 

+ What order should I attempt VCE Music Units in?

It is highly recommended that students complete units 1 and 2 VCE Music Performance first before attempting any unit 3 and 4 music subjects.

After completing units 1 and 2 of Music Performance, most students attempt units 3 and 4 VCE Music Performance, and then attempt Units 3 and 4 VCE Music Investigation afterwards. However, it is possible study Units 3 and 4 VCE Music Investigation straight after completing Units 1 and 2 of Music Performance.

+ When is the best time to enrol for VCE Music Tutoring?

Although we accept students at any time, ideally it is best to enrol the year before commencing VCE around October/November.

What length should my lesson be?

For VCE Music Performance tutoring, most students enrol for one 45-minute lesson per week dedicated entirely to aural, theory, and analysis work. However, many find that a full hour is most beneficial to cover as much work per week as possible. If the student requires instrumental tuition for the practical performance aspects of VCE Music Performance or VCE Music Investigation, an additional hour lesson per week dedicated to that instrument with one of our instrumental specialist teachers is recommended.

Required Information

For our teachers to be able to fully help you with your enquiry, please provide the following information when contacting us about VCE Music tutoring.

  • At which school are you currently enrolled in and how long have you been enrolled there?
  • Which year level are you currently completing at school and which music subjects have you undertaken previously?
  • Are you enrolled/planning to enrol in to a VCE Music Subject or do you require Whitehorse Music School to provide full VCE Music tuition?
  • Have you undertaken any theory or musicianship exams through AMEB, ABRSM, ANZCA, Trinity etc.? If so, which grade(s), and in which year(s) were these completed?

If you still have any questions that aren't answered here, please feel free to contact us.

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