Guitar Lessons

At Whitehorse Music, our Guitar Lessons are as varied as our teachers! From Beginner to Advanced Guitarists, Kids to Adults, from Classical, to Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz or Funk, we've got it covered. No matter if you play the Electric, Bass, Acoustic, or Classical guitar, we can help you at improving tricky chord changes, learning to read TAB or Notation, or just help you play that one song you've always wanted to learn! 

Guitar Lessons - Frequently Asked Questions

 Adam Halliwell profile

Adam Halliwell

Guitar Teacher

Adam studied at the Victorian College of the Arts and completed a Bachelor Degree of Jazz and Improvisation in 2013. As a performer he has toured Australia and Europe performing Jazz, Improvisation and Disco, Ethiopian and African Music, and Rock and Pop.                                   

With his versatile background in different musical genres he can offer lessons in any style including Blues, Jazz, Funk, or African. As a guitar teacher, he aims to help students grow and explore the world of music so that they have the facilities to teach themselves, perform, compose or just play for enjoyment.

Adam teaches on Tuesday and Saturday.
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 Charly Harrison profile

Charly Harrison

Guitar Teacher

Charly has been teaching guitar for over 10 years. He moved to Australia from the UK in 2010 and has continued to teach at schools since arriving. Charly teaches a wide range of styles to students with various levels of ability. Styles can include rock, pop, folk and classical. He tailors the guitar lessons to suit the student's individual needs and the student's favourite songs and styles are incorporated into the lesson wherever possible.

He likes to encourage songwriting and composition and he is an active composer, having written for film, theatre, dance and radio. He has a BA (Hons) degree in Music Composition from Dartington College of Arts, UK.

Charly teaches on Friday.
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 Diego Villalta profile

Diego Villalta

Guitar Teacher

Diego is a Guitarist, full time international performer, and educator with a Bachelor of Music Performance with Honours from the Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne University). He has been teaching guitar to a wide variety of students of all ages and from all walks of life for 10 years at primary, secondary and music schools.

As a performer Diego has played hundreds of shows in Australia and abroad, recorded various albums and won several awards for his work. Highlights include tours in Europe and South-East Asia as well as all major cities in Australia.

Diego began to play guitar in his late teens and has a strong belief that anybody can learn to play and enjoy an instrument no matter their age, musical background or (seemingly) physical limitations. Lessons focus on learning thoroughly the fundamentals of the instruments and musical theory to explore genres, styles and songs that students are particularly interested in.

Diego teaches on Monday and Wednesday.  
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 Matt Raw profile

Matt Raw

Guitar Teacher

With over 10 years of teaching experience, Matt specialises in teaching Modern Guitar styles, electric and acoustic, to all age groups.

With a focus on building a strong foundation of correct left and right hand technique, Matt believes firmly that every student is individual and works hard to tailor each guitar lesson to suit the student, including, importantly, getting to play the songs a student enjoys listening to!

Matt has also run songwriting and modern band technique workshops for school groups for several years and, in his free time, enjoys songwriting and producing electronic music.

Matt teaches on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.
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Marcos photo.jpg

Marcos Villalta

Guitar Teacher

Marcos completed his bachelor degree of Jazz and Improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2010. He has had training in various genres of music, including; Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Pop, Funk, Hip Hop, Latin American music, as well as studying sitar in India. Performing regularly across Melbourne, he has played in many different ensembles and has released several recordings. 

Marcos has taught students from a wide range of ages, mostly at primary and secondary schools. As a guitar teacher, he aims for strong fundamentals and long term development in each student, but also provides guidance with their own musical interests and explorations. Marcos has learnt and developed many techniques for practicing, and believes it is important to really engage with each individual student to help them discover how they learn best.

Marcos teaches on Monday.  

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